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Admission to Hurlstone - a school, a farm, a home

Hurlstone Agricultural High stands proud as one of the state’s finest schools. The school’s rich culture underpins its success. At Hurlstone you find a culture based upon pride, striving for personal excellence, caring for and supporting fellow students and valuing community service.

The emphasis at Hurlstone is on the pursuit of academic excellence and the school’s record in this area is outstanding. The school has more to offer than just the academics. Students can develop skills in a wide range of sports.  Other activities available to students include public speaking and debating as well as in the creative and performing arts by joining one of the schools art clubs, bands, vocal ensembles or drama groups. There is also an emphasis on school and community service through membership of the school’s Interact club and its involvement in several charity drives and environment improvement projects.

Students value the emphasis the school places on leadership development. Prefects, two student councils, a senior leadership group, the rural youth club, and cadets provide both character and leadership development opportunities.

There is no doubt that the greatest source of pride at Hurlstone lies in the overall quality of the students it produces. Over many decades the students have earned the school its great reputation. Wherever they go, Hurlstone students receive accolades for their personal qualities. They demonstrate wholesome values, initiative and independence. They are proud, confident and articulate young men and women but at the same time are caring and very supportive of each other. They provide proof that while there is an emphasis for striving for individual excellence, the development of the whole person is never forgotten at Hurlstone.

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