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Student Use of Mobile Phones Policies and Procedures

Management of Mobile Phones at Hurlstone Agricultural High School

The NSW Government has announced restrictions on the use of mobile phones in NSW high schools beginning in Term 4, 2023.  

After careful consideration with our key stakeholders including the Student Representative Council (SRC), P&C, staff and executive teams, we have decided to proceed by using the option of mobile phones being turned off and kept out of sight, to reduce the distractions of students in the classroom, during breaks and mealtimes, and during prep sessions.

The new mobile devices management plan at Hurlstone Agricultural High School will apply to mobile phones and will occur during all school hours, including break times such as during lunch and recess, sport, as well as while students are on school-based excursions. In addition, the policy will apply to boarding students during all mealtimes and prep sessions.

Students will still be able to carry their phones while travelling to and from school. Boarding students will still have access to their phones outside of regular school hours.

School staff can allow students to use their mobile phones in specific circumstances, such as for an educational purpose, for their wellbeing or to support students with specific needs.

Consideration for exemption

An application for exemption with the appropriate supporting documentation will be required.  Please download the Request for Mobile Phone Exemption form and email it to:

Parents/carers and students wishing to apply for an exemption will need to contact their child's Deputy Principal who will coordinate any applications submitted.

Successful applications will receive confirmation that an exemption has been approved by the Principal.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Click here to read the FAQs for parents and carers about the mobile phone policy.