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Bring your own device (BYOD) refers to students bringing a personally owned device to school for the purpose of learning. A personally owned device is any technology device brought into the school and is owned by a student or the student's family.

Our school recognises the need for prepare our students for a rapidly-changing world, where technology plays a large role in our personal, social and professional lives. 

The Department of Education policy can be found here.

Device Specifications

The specifications for a BYOD device can be downloaded here.

Please read the specifications or contact us before puchasing a device.

Parents looking at purchasing an Apple device can access the Apple Store here:

Cyber Safety

The Australian Governement - E-Safety Commissioner has provided a resource for parents in supporting their children using on line technologies in a safe manner.

Please visit the iParent website for more information.


Connecting to the HAHS WIFI Network

Here is a 'How To' guide that will assist staff and students in connecting to the WIFI network. 

How to Connect to the HAHS WIFI Network